Miche's Original Abstract Speed Paintings

These paintings are Miche's signature style. Created in the time frame of one song, Miche has developed her own unique technique and style when it comes to these paintings. She starts off these paintings with her brushes, then completes them with her hands as she dances her heart out, in other words, the origin of Micheshart. She channels the energy her spirit generates from her body onto the canvas so each painting holds different energies and every finger trail tells a story making each painting very unique. "I paint like a child" and "Expect nothing, enjoy the process" are Miche's motto, due to her thriving free spirit and taking on a more free flowing approach finger painting much like a child would. She challenges everyone that looks at her abstract paintings to try to look at them from different perspectives and with child-like eyes. To not just see the painting as a whole but to also break it apart. With her desire to spread love and good energy, she creates her pieces with undeniable passion. When you buy a piece of her art, you also get a piece of her heart. All originals will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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