Payment Plans


Interested in a payment plan?

If you are interested in a piece of original artwork but don't want to spend a whole lump sum up front then a payment plan may be just right for you. 


Q.) How does the payment plan work?

A.) Payment plans are flexible and vary depending on the person. They go by your income and what you are willing to pay. I consult with potential buyers to come up with payment plan they feel comfortable with and can keep up with. After a consultation, I put together an agreement plan both parties will sign. MINIMUM DEPOSIT IS DUE UPON SIGNING THE AGREEMENT.

Q.) What is the minimum deposit?

A.) The minimum deposit is the amount that must be payed upon signing the agreement (this also counts as your first payment). The deposit is 15% of the total sale cost and is non-refundable. Holding a painting takes away the opportunity from other potential buyers and me, especially if a painting is being put on hold for months and the potential buyer can't uphold their part in the agreement, resulting in the painting going back up for sale. 

Q.) Are payment plans weekly or bi-weekly?

A.) They can be either or depending on the buyer and what they are comfortable with

Q.) Something came up and I might miss my payment date, what do I do?

A.) There is a 5 day grace period for missed payment dates. So, if you miss your payment date you have 5 days after to make a payment. After the 5 day grace period and no payment has been made, you will be refunded any payment you may have made minus the deposit and the painting will go back up for sale. If for any reason you feel as though you might surpass the grace period but don't want the painting to go back up for sale, feel free to contact me. 


I want to insure that you have a positive experience and I'm willing to work with anyone to meet their satisfaction. If you see an original piece of artwork and would like to request a payment plan, please open and fill out the form below and I will get back in contact with you as soon as possible.


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