A play on words that Miche mashed up from 'artist' and 'poetess'. As a poetess, she has a way with words and when she creates, she paints the words to the music. Her style is like watching poetry in motion.


Kelly Michelle Thomas, who goes by the name Miche, is an abstract expressionist artess from Silver Spring MD. For Miche, art saves her, as she uses her creative skills to push through pain to create unique abstract pieces. Her pieces are a reflection of her subconscious mind and her free spirited personality. No rules, no limits, she expresses complete freedom with her pieces through her unique creative process she developed herself. Her objective is to connect people through her art, despite their differences, and to have an open mind to seeing things from a different perspective other than their own. Miche is currently 29 years old, living and working in Silver Spring, MD. 

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  • Honorable Mention, January 2018- Circle Arts Foundation