A Good Burn

You know that burn. The burn in your blood that just seems to sting throughout your entire body as the blood speeds through your veins to your hear. Making your heart pump at a different beat then it had before. I know you know that burn. You've probably felt that burn when you were angry. That angry burn that seeps through your pores you can almost see the steam. I'm not talking about that kind of burn. I'm talking a bout "A GOOD BURN." The kind of burn that gently tickles your body inside out with pure pleasure. It's warm. It's soothing. It feels so good it makes you go "Ooooohhh" and makes your hormones rise to a level that just sends your body is a craze within itself. That my dear, that is A GOOD BURN.

It's funny, you're probably thinking to yourself "Burning is never good" Oh but please let me tell you that there is such thing as "A GOOD BURN" but, in order to feel it, you must find you a woman (or man) who's element is FIRE. A person who has the element of fire lurking in their blood can make you feel this good burn.

Whether you believe in astrology or not or just like to have fun with the information you read, according to the stars each and every single one of us carries one of these elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. I am a woman of fire. I am an Aries. I must tell you that the fire that burns within me is pure, raw passion. I want you to take a moment and take yourself to a place. Maybe it's around your fireplace on Christmas Eve or maybe even a bonfire at the beach. But, while you take yourself there examine the fire. Look at it. See how is dances and spins in a unique matter. See how the bright the flames are and hear the cracking of the wood. But, most importantly feel the heat it gives off. It's so hot you have to maintain your distance. Most people look at fire in a negative perspective and a loose uncontrollable fire can destroy everything in it's path. Yes, this is true. But, what if you looked at it in an entirely different perspective. Fire is passion my dear.

Me, I am this woman. A woman of fire. So, when it comes to everything I love I burn with a passion. What do I love? A lot of things but ART is where I am able to showcase my passion from the inside out. Art to me is much broader than paintings and drawing. Art is poetry, love, sex, dancing, the way you look when someone calls you beautiful art is so broad it can't just be one. Although when it comes to SEX and will experience a wildfire like never before. LOVE and SEX should be nothing but pure raw passion and HOT! Sex with a wildfire is like a bonfire on the beach times 100. If you could see passion burn it could burn for eternity. This how I am, I burn with a fire in me so great I was not made for the weak. Some won't be able to handle the passion I have because it's too hot.

I am not made for the weak!

Love should make you feel A GOOD BURN. That burn that singes your veins and make you feel warm and fuzzy. Making your thighs beg for the passion that only the other person i able to give oh yes LOVE...should make you feel "A GOOD BURN" and the sex should be explosive like a fireball that goes off in your soul. It should make you cry, it should hurt, it should cause extreme pleasure, it should be like two souls dancing like the fire itself. Chaotic, spontaneous and out of order but most importantly PASSIONATE. Whether you're fucking or making love it must be done with passion that's the only way sex should be. You can passionately fuck someone and you can passionately make love to them but it MUST be like a wildfire. You can only find this wildfire in a woman or man that carry the element of fire in their veins. I am a woman of fire and like I said, I am not made for the weak. Don't awaken my passion if you do not intend of enduring the wildfire you WILL come across. I will cause some damage just like everyone else you meet, it's a flaw every person with the element of fire has. But, you will know pure and raw passion and that will be the only way that you will be able to feel the burn of "A GOOD BURN"...

Half the Woman

Mothers' are quite unique aren't they? Carrying you around for 9 months as she rubbed her belly, whispering to you all the love in her voice only a mother can make. Sacrificing so much and promising to care for you until the day she is gone. Mothers' are quite unique and one day out of the year just simply isn't enough to show our gratitude towards the women who brought us into this world. But it is a start.

Let me tell you about my superwoman, my mother. My mother, in my eyes, is the true epitome of a WOMAN. She's not rough around the edges, no. She is a woman of a soft, delicate nature. Her voice is soft and sweet. The voice of love. She has such a cute, flirtatious nature about her that would make men drop their jaws. Her eyes, bright and soft. She's soft like a woman should be however, she is STRONG as well. The strongest woman I have ever come to known in this lifetime of mine. I rarely ever saw her cry, she always made sure she maintained her strong will and independence in front of me. I remember being a little girl and would watch her get dressed and just thinking to myself and she would put on her red lipstick how beautiful she looked and I wanted to be like her. She ALWAYS looked beautiful even when she really didn't have to because she wasn't going anywhere. She ALWAYS looked beautiful. Always put together, even if she was breaking down on the inside. You would never know because she always had her dimples showing. But, she wasn't one to mistaken for as fool. Her calm nature could turn into a storm of madness if you pissed her off. Trust me you don't want to see that woman get angry. But, that was rare. I mostly saw her having a good time and laughing a lot. She's definitely a woman that enjoyed her away time at the beach soaking up rays of sun because she would always tell me "I'm trying to get some color baby". Her laugh is to die for because its such a unique laugh. She really gets to laughing when she downs her Margaritas straight up or frozen. Now that is a sight to see and I enjoy it because she truly is enjoying herself. She's not on of those angry drinkers. I remember for my 16th birthday we went on a trip to the Bahamas (and my angry hormones I was being such a bitch, sorry mom) and on the flight I started getting panicky because the turbulence was driving me crazy. So, my mom goes in her bag and pulls out a little shooter and told me:

Drink this and relax!

LOL I couldn't believe my mom was encouraging me to take a shot at 16 but I guess she got tired of me whining on the flight. But I assure you, my mom was never a bad influence. She was always "keeping it real" with me. Never sugar coating anything, and wasn't afraid to expose me to the realities of life that others would try to shield from their child. My mother is the epitome of a woman. A strong woman, and also one of a soft nature. She is the epitome of a woman.

Now at the age of 27 I hope I can be at least half the amazing woman she is. As the years go by I'm starting to see more and more of her in myself, just with my own little twist. It's actually funny because now if we go out and I get all diva on up and she'll look at me and say "Wow you look nice but we're just going such and such" and I'll just hit her with "I know but I've watched you all those years" or, as she would say, "you never know when your going to meet your husband". She taught me how to be a woman. A virtuous, strong, yet soft woman that isn't afraid to feel and show emotions but won't take no shit either. She is the perfect balance and I hope at the age of 27 I'm at least half the woman she is. Of course like every mother daughter relationship we've had our share of ups and downs and we even stopped talking for some years. But the thing with unconditional love is you will always find your way back to each other, forgive, and let go of the past as if it never happened. Me and her have seemed to of mastered that with each other and I can't thank God enough for blessing me with her as my Mother. At the age of 27 I hope I can be at least half the amazing woman she is. The woman that got up and left my father because she was unhappy, started over with her life as a single mom with a teenage daughter and was successful without the help of a man and I never saw her breakdown once during that rough phase in our lives. She showed me not to be afraid to let go, move on, and to make changes and not give in to fear. She showed me so many things I could write a novel on the lessons she taught me that I'm sure she's not aware of. But I payed attention to her like a hawk and I hope at the age of 27 I am at least half the amazing woman she is.

I'm not too good with surprises, or gifts. In fact I kind of suck at them. But, I do know how to write one hell of a love letter and this is a love letter to my mother, Colleen Brooks-Thomas:

Dear Mom,

I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for me. If I could, I would catch the stars and bring you the moon. If I could (and I knew I wouldn't get caught) I would rob a bank and empty out all their vaults and buy you your own private island (maybe two or three) so you can go whenever you want to soak up some rays along with your favorite Margarita away from all the chaos because you deserve that kind of treatment and so much more. I sometimes wonder if you think I don't appreciate you enough, please be aware that I do. I appreciate everything about you. Even when you yell at me trying to knock some sense into because you're making me a better person. I know I can be very stubborn but it gets through. Everyday I wish I could offer you so much more because you deserve absolutely everything and everyday I'm trying to think of ways to give you everything. I hear you tell me all the time your proud of the woman I've become and I just want you to know that when you look at me, I am a reflection of you. All the discipline, all the love, sacrifices, and talks helped make me the woman I am today and it's all because of you. I have part of your DNA. So when you say your proud of me and how amazing I am please know it all started with you. You're amazing, talented, beautiful, intelligent, fierce, strong, graceful, and the epitome of a woman. I get it from you. ALL from you. I know I could of easily have gotten you a card, but I wanted to write you in my own words. Nobody else. As a nurse you spent so many years look after and taking care of people and getting people back to good health. Now that am much older and capable I want to be able to provide you with the relaxation you deserve. I might not get it right away or get things right all the time but I can promise you that I will try and keep trying becausewant to make you happy. I love you so much, and I thank God for you every single day. Happy Mother's Day mom, I love you!

- Your daughter



The very talented artist Rahiem Milton challenged tagged me and other wonderful poets to his piece below. In honor of National Poetry Month he wanted to see what we could come up with from our concept from his wonderful drawing. So, I came up with the poetry piece called "Foundations". Thank you Rahiem for the wonderful opportunity to express my creativity. Hope you enjoy! (Rahiem IG: @RahiemM81Art)


(...holding on...)

Maybe we started off all wrong

If we built it right

We wouldn't be having this downfall

As we listen to nothing but sad love songs

Yet still we're holding on

(...holding on...)

Because the foundation we had

Just wasn't strong

Maybe we were wrong

(...maybe we were wrong...)

But we did this all out of love

So it can't be all wrong

Just as long as we're holding on

As we crumble on down

With all of our burdens towards each other

On top of us

That will create a mess and a chaos

And we'll end up lost

But all out of love

(...out of love...)

Just as long as we're holding on

The pain might not hurt so bad 

After it all

We have ourselves to blame

Because we didn't build the foundation

Strong at all

And we piled our weight on top

Expecting to make it through it all

And now we're breaking apart

Like the chips in the asphalt

All because our foundation wasn't strong

Damn you don't know what it feels like

To see you cry

As you're holding onto me for dear life

Knowing I won't be able to save you

Because I am falling with you

But if I can provide some comfort

It's the least I can do

To help you through

I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise to you

To be there through the darkness 

That comes after the lights dims

Of what life brings

Maybe if we built our foundation strong

We could of gotten through

The worst of things

But now it's all make believe

I wish I could of been everything

You needed me to be

But here we are holding on

When both of us are broken glass

And I can see through to all the pain

I've caused

The pain you've caused

This is just too much

All because our foundation wasn't strong

So we've become fallen stars

Breaking apart into the atmosphere

Until we become nothing but dust

But if I can promise you one thing

(...promise you one thing...)

Is that I'll hold onto you

The whole time we're falling apart

If it'll bring some comfort to your heart

Maybe if we started it off right

From the start we wouldn't have been crying

For so long

But we only have ourselves to blame

Because our foundation wasn't strong

(...our foundation wasn't strong...)