The Four Sisters

Legend has it…

that when the world was first born, GOD needed protectors for his creation, to keep the Earth in balance as we know it now. So, he gathered stars from the sky and casted them down to Earth .Four shooting stars rode through the night skies and landed in the Samoan Islands which caused an earthquake that broke open the lands and, one by one, the four sisters emerged. Vai, ruler of the moon all the waters that flows through mountains and into oceans. Lalolagi, ruler of the mountains, soil, trees, and all things of nature. Afi, ruler of the volcanoes, fire, and sun. Matagi, ruler of wind and the weather. With each sister being the ruler of each element, they keep the Earth in balance to continue sustaining life

The Book of Four

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Behind the scenes photos

Photos were taken by the love of my life.