Bed of Roses

Miche creating "Bed of Roses" in her home studio

Miche creating "Bed of Roses" in her home studio

"I stood before him, mesmerized by him
as he laid a kiss on each corner of my face
his hands tracing every inch of my body,
learning every curve and it felt like heaven.
As the sensation of velvet flowed through my veins
I fell...
light as a feather
onto his bed
arms over head
sheets engulfing me like clouds
I sighed
I looked at him
and I said
You make me feel like a bed of roses"

- Miche


Since I've been embarking on this journey with my art, I made a vow to myself, as well as those who've come to witness this journey with me, that I would be as open and authentic as I can. My pieces are all driven by feelings and emotions. "Bed of Roses" is no different. Out of all of my paintings, this piece took the most amount of time. 8 days and over 30 hours of dedication. For a while I've been telling myself that I wanted to work on a piece that required me to take my time, to teach me patience. If you've been following me on this journey, I always say that my paintings are my teachers because they're access to my subconscious mind. So I learn from them. 

The poem in the beginning is very real, and raw feelings. I describe this "Mystery man" in my life and how he makes me feel like a bed of roses with simply his touch. The vision came to me clearly as the painting is and I wanted to express it. We women are phenomanal creatures and when we are treated with love and delicacy, a new world opens up within us that we want to share. When we are caressed by the perfect pair of hands, our body is sent into a flutter of sensation, much like a purring cat. We become vulnerable, we become open, we feel loved. I wanted the cat to symbolize that femininity, that delicacy, that pleasure, as she is submerged in a bed of roses. Surrounded in pure comfort of velvet sending nothing but pure bliss all over the body. For once, I feel safe.

I apply each piece's teachings to my everyday life and this one is patience. Sometimes in life, we can rush things. But the true virtue of having patience can be only seen in the end. Along with my motto of "Expect nothing and enjoy the process" I have a new outlook on a lot of things in my life. In a world where everyone has become so selfish and so guarded, I want you to know, it's okay to "feel" it takes courage. A lot of times we become so focused on the past, of what we been through and we tend to worry so much about the future that we forget about the exact moment we're in. Take a brief second to just embrace the moment you are in, right now, as your reading this. What are you feeling? who are you thinking about? what's around you? what can you smell? are you happy? 

This piece is an expression of moment in my life. In that moment, this "Mystery man" made me feel like a bed or roses and I wanted to express it. What will come of the future? I'll see when it comes, but for now I'm enjoying each moment as they come and handling them day by day. For all you could know, this "Mystery man" could of been a one night stand or could be a man I've been dating a while. It's all about the moment. Making each one count and not being afraid to express them. Remember never apologize for what you feel because it's real. 

Ladies if you find you a man that makes you feel like a bed of roses, express it to him. Men remember it's okay to show her vulnerability, make her feel like a bed of roses.


"Bed Of Roses" February 11, 2018. All artwork and images are copyrighted. All rights reserved

"Bed Of Roses" February 11, 2018. All artwork and images are copyrighted. All rights reserved