A Good Burn

You know that burn. The burn in your blood that just seems to sting throughout your entire body as the blood speeds through your veins to your hear. Making your heart pump at a different beat then it had before. I know you know that burn. You've probably felt that burn when you were angry. That angry burn that seeps through your pores you can almost see the steam. I'm not talking about that kind of burn. I'm talking a bout "A GOOD BURN." The kind of burn that gently tickles your body inside out with pure pleasure. It's warm. It's soothing. It feels so good it makes you go "Ooooohhh" and makes your hormones rise to a level that just sends your body is a craze within itself. That my dear, that is A GOOD BURN.

It's funny, you're probably thinking to yourself "Burning is never good" Oh but please let me tell you that there is such thing as "A GOOD BURN" but, in order to feel it, you must find you a woman (or man) who's element is FIRE. A person who has the element of fire lurking in their blood can make you feel this good burn.

Whether you believe in astrology or not or just like to have fun with the information you read, according to the stars each and every single one of us carries one of these elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. I am a woman of fire. I am an Aries. I must tell you that the fire that burns within me is pure, raw passion. I want you to take a moment and take yourself to a place. Maybe it's around your fireplace on Christmas Eve or maybe even a bonfire at the beach. But, while you take yourself there examine the fire. Look at it. See how is dances and spins in a unique matter. See how the bright the flames are and hear the cracking of the wood. But, most importantly feel the heat it gives off. It's so hot you have to maintain your distance. Most people look at fire in a negative perspective and a loose uncontrollable fire can destroy everything in it's path. Yes, this is true. But, what if you looked at it in an entirely different perspective. Fire is passion my dear.

Me, I am this woman. A woman of fire. So, when it comes to everything I love I burn with a passion. What do I love? A lot of things but ART is where I am able to showcase my passion from the inside out. Art to me is much broader than paintings and drawing. Art is poetry, love, sex, dancing, the way you look when someone calls you beautiful art is so broad it can't just be one. Although when it comes to SEX and LOVE...baby...you will experience a wildfire like never before. LOVE and SEX should be nothing but pure raw passion and HOT! Sex with a wildfire is like a bonfire on the beach times 100. If you could see passion burn it could burn for eternity. This how I am, I burn with a fire in me so great I was not made for the weak. Some won't be able to handle the passion I have because it's too hot.

I am not made for the weak!

Love should make you feel A GOOD BURN. That burn that singes your veins and make you feel warm and fuzzy. Making your thighs beg for the passion that only the other person i able to give oh yes LOVE...should make you feel "A GOOD BURN" and the sex should be explosive like a fireball that goes off in your soul. It should make you cry, it should hurt, it should cause extreme pleasure, it should be like two souls dancing like the fire itself. Chaotic, spontaneous and out of order but most importantly PASSIONATE. Whether you're fucking or making love it must be done with passion that's the only way sex should be. You can passionately fuck someone and you can passionately make love to them but it MUST be like a wildfire. You can only find this wildfire in a woman or man that carry the element of fire in their veins. I am a woman of fire and like I said, I am not made for the weak. Don't awaken my passion if you do not intend of enduring the wildfire you WILL come across. I will cause some damage just like everyone else you meet, it's a flaw every person with the element of fire has. But, you will know pure and raw passion and that will be the only way that you will be able to feel the burn of "A GOOD BURN"...