The very talented artist Rahiem Milton challenged tagged me and other wonderful poets to his piece below. In honor of National Poetry Month he wanted to see what we could come up with from our concept from his wonderful drawing. So, I came up with the poetry piece called "Foundations". Thank you Rahiem for the wonderful opportunity to express my creativity. Hope you enjoy! (Rahiem IG: @RahiemM81Art)


(...holding on...)

Maybe we started off all wrong

If we built it right

We wouldn't be having this downfall

As we listen to nothing but sad love songs

Yet still we're holding on

(...holding on...)

Because the foundation we had

Just wasn't strong

Maybe we were wrong

(...maybe we were wrong...)

But we did this all out of love

So it can't be all wrong

Just as long as we're holding on

As we crumble on down

With all of our burdens towards each other

On top of us

That will create a mess and a chaos

And we'll end up lost

But all out of love

(...out of love...)

Just as long as we're holding on

The pain might not hurt so bad 

After it all

We have ourselves to blame

Because we didn't build the foundation

Strong at all

And we piled our weight on top

Expecting to make it through it all

And now we're breaking apart

Like the chips in the asphalt

All because our foundation wasn't strong

Damn you don't know what it feels like

To see you cry

As you're holding onto me for dear life

Knowing I won't be able to save you

Because I am falling with you

But if I can provide some comfort

It's the least I can do

To help you through

I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise to you

To be there through the darkness 

That comes after the lights dims

Of what life brings

Maybe if we built our foundation strong

We could of gotten through

The worst of things

But now it's all make believe

I wish I could of been everything

You needed me to be

But here we are holding on

When both of us are broken glass

And I can see through to all the pain

I've caused

The pain you've caused

This is just too much

All because our foundation wasn't strong

So we've become fallen stars

Breaking apart into the atmosphere

Until we become nothing but dust

But if I can promise you one thing

(...promise you one thing...)

Is that I'll hold onto you

The whole time we're falling apart

If it'll bring some comfort to your heart

Maybe if we started it off right

From the start we wouldn't have been crying

For so long

But we only have ourselves to blame

Because our foundation wasn't strong

(...our foundation wasn't strong...)