Seeing Things Differently

(I decided to upload a separate video of me creating the painting flipped the CORRECT way.)

Yesterday's painting REALLY had me trippin', thinking "am I going crazy?" for two reasons:

The video playback was flipped horizontally. When I'm finished going live and I look back over the recording, every video the paint is on the right side as it SHOULD be. However, for some strange reason yesterday, when I finished going live and looked over the video I was VERY confused. The video was flipped and everything was the opposite. It messed with my head so much I was trying to figure out what happened and why. I didn't change my setup or devices although earlier before I went live, there was a slight glitch and I had to turn my iPad off and back on to start over. But, I didn't think that would make such a difference. I reached out to one of my viewers that always watches me and asked them when they watched me live was everything on the opposite side. They confirmed that it was and that it's always been that way when they watched me live (they've only seen me live on Instagram, I'm not sure how Facebook live viewers saw it). I had NO idea. I never edit or flip my videos so I figured everyone saw it how I saw it when I played the video back. Guess I was wrong and for the first time I saw myself mirrored and from a different perspective.

This painting turned out looking EXACTLY (if not exactly damn near identical) to one of my other paintings. This also tripped me out because I painted to a different song and danced to it differently, yet somehow, it came out looking like a split image of one of my other paintings. 

Challenging myself and taking this journey has taught me many things, expanded my creativity, and opened my mind even more. But, so far, I think yesterday's painting has mind boggled me the most and taught me about perspective. Not EVERYTHING is how you see it to be. Our minds as well as our eyes can even deceive us from time to time and make us see things differently then what they actually are. Think of it like this...have you ever had something happen to you in your life and when you recall back on that particular moment through your memories, you remember it but everything is the opposite. Or, have you ever watched a clip and then later on seen that same clip maybe a few weeks later but you don't recall seeing it flipped? If you follow along with what I'm saying then you get what I mean by how the mind plays tricks on you. Everything isn't always how you see it to be and it's important to remember that. It happens EVERY SINGLE DAY in the media. Salt even looks like sugar. Also, when it comes to perspective, everyone's is different. Not everyone will see things they way you see them and that's okay. It does not mean they way other people see things is any less valuable than how YOU see things. It's good to have an open mind and to try and understand other people's way of thinking and maybe even try to see things through their eyes and see things differently than how you normally would see it. It just might boggle your mind in an amazing way like yesterday's painting did me. 

Yesterday's painting was definitely an eye opening one. So much so, I actually got a headache later on LOL! That's how much it blew my mind. Overall, I felt amazing as usual afterwards. This spiritual journey is definitely taking my to great depths within myself and opening my mind even more. I am already a pretty open-minded person, It's just amazing to me how much more one can expand their own mind if they choose to challenge themselves. There are still lessons to be taught on this journey, and yesterday taught me a good one when it comes to perspective. When things like this happen I become even more eager to do more paintings. I want my knowledge to expand some more. It truly is an amazing feeling.